Videos Never Lie But They Can Mislead the Viewers if 3D Forensic Analysis is Not Performed.

Watching a video of a car crash, bicycle accident, armed robbery, or police shooting can often mislead the audience on who, how, or even why an incident occurred. Whether the issue is video quality, misleading perspective (Dash camera vs Driver’s view), or many other challenges it is important to design a protocol that gets past those challenges and seeks the unbiased truth hidden inside the video file. 3D Forensic has over 20 years of video analysis experience creating protocols that successfully find the answers to your questions and then effectively illustrate the truth to the mediator and/or jury. 3D Video Analysis can answer questions traditional analysis simply cannot. How fast is that car traveling? How tall is that person? Is that object in his hand a gun? A knife? A cell phone? How much force was behind that punch? What could the officer see before they discharged their weapon?

We can reverse engineer the video to create a forensically accurate 3D world so you can watch the incident from any vantage point


3D Video Analysis

All videos capture the 3D world but can only show you the playback on a 2D monitor. Our process takes the 3D captured data and converts it back into 3D data that can be analyzed and explored in a virtual 3D environment by our forensic professionals. Now we can watch the car crash, plane wreck, or police shooting from any vantage point that best educates your audience on the truth behind the incident and allow your audience to make educated decisions based on forensic facts not conjecture.


3D Video Enhancement

Often enhancing an image alone does not answer the important questions, as the video quality is just too poor. Our solution to this challenge is to create a 3D world that matches the video, so we can see if the object in the video better matches a gun, phone, knife, or whatever the object it may be. The end result is accurate and simple for the jury to see the result for themselves.


2D Enhancement

We use the most advanced software metrics to analyze your video footage so we can answer the questions you need to move your case forward. Our team has over 20 years of experience in analyzing videos to figure out frame rates, pixel distortion, authenticity of the video, speed of vehicles seen in the footage, path of travel, traffic lights at time of accident, and many more. We understand what steps are needed to be accurate and get the analysis admitted into trial.