There is Just Too Much at Stake to Get This Wrong. We Understand the Science Behind These Events

Nothing is more important than reconstructing the truth in an officer involved shooting, as too much is at stake to get it wrong. While the body worn camera may have captured the event it does not educate the audience on the science behind why the event occurred. Often the body camera is seeing the world differently than the officers, as they do not have the same perspective, nor does it explain the science behind human factors, perception, reaction times, or demonstrate what possible scenarios cold have occurred if the officer took different actions during the event. We understand the science behind these events and have taken extensive training in the science behind what is happening when an OIS occurs. We use the latest technology in ballistic analysis, human factors, and the line of sight difference between a body worn camera and the police officer’s own eyes to educate the jury on the true facts behind the incident so they can make fair and just verdicts based upon facts not conjecture

Our experience in OIS reconstruction is second to none, let us get the truth to the jury so they can make the correct verdict


We have extensive training in the ability to reverse engineer what is seen in a BWC or dash cam video, so the incident can be viewed at any angle giving your team the tools they need to understand the incident at an advanced level. Our team will be able to extract important information such as the suspect’s height, distance away from officers, or whether his hands were in his pockets. Proper video analysis will allow us to extract very important forensic data that simply cannot be achieved by watching the video alone. Let us give your experts what they need to be successful in their analysis.


By using 3Dlaser scan technology, along with a 3D working model, we can reverse engineer the 3Dposition of the shooter and the victim so you can start to better understand the science behind the shooting incident. Our analysis will often allow us to tell you important facts such as the order the bullets were fired, how fast someone was moving, or what position the person was in when the bullets hit their target. This analysis can often be the crucial evidence needed to educate the jury on the true facts of the case.


Often other experts will make a claim that the officer or suspect did not have to take the actions they did at the critical moment, but is that statement true? Once we reconstruct the incident we can start to run “what if” scenarios that allow the jury to see the possible outcomes if a different decision was made during the shooting incident, thus allowing the jury to better understand the true importance behind the action taken by either party.