We Are the Foremost Experts in Nighttime Visibility Analysis in the Field.

Being able to demonstrate to your audience what was available to be seen by the driver, pedestrian, or cyclist at night requires an extreme understanding of human vision and what steps are needed to display the person’s perspective accurately to the jury. Too often companies claim they can recreate a nighttime scene accurately but have no real understanding of what it takes to meet that challenge. It requires understanding not only of human vison, but an advanced education on conspicuity (how easy or hard some thing is to see), light measurement readings, mathematical analysis, display technology, and the ability to prove that what is in front of the jury is mathematically and visually accurate.

If the other side is attempting to get their nighttime video admitted into court let us help you prevent the jury from seeing bad science


Advanced Light Measurements

We use some of the most advanced light measurement reading equipment in the field. We can measure millions of light readings in just a few seconds giving us precise details of exactly how much light is coming off all objects at the scene. Our scientifically calibrated equipment can remake light recordings that are accurate to 0.2 percent allowing us to understand the lighting conditions at a level that other companies simply cannot match.


Mathematical Analysis

We use advanced equations to make sure that the images captured at the scene are mathematically identical to light measurements recorded at the scene, giving us the ability to not only match “what was available to be seen” but to prove our results are accurate. No matter what type of scene your incident occurred at we will be able to calculate the true visibility so the end result will be mathematically accurate and give you the truth of what was available to be seen.


Advanced Calibrated Monitors

Having a video that is accurate is meaningless unless that video is displayed correctly to the jury in the courtroom. We use the most advanced 80-inch OLED monitors that have been professionally calibrated before each use to display the final results, and then take advanced measurements inside the courtroom so we know the precise effects the lighting in the courtroom will have on the video presentation. We calibrate so the monitor will display the forensically accurate image, created in the lab, continues its high fidelity into the courtroom.