Your Client Deserves to Have the Most Advanced Medical Illustration Technology Working for Them, Not Against Them.

Educating the jury or mediator on the complex medical issues that your client has suffered or is going to face is the most important task in getting a fair and accurate resolution for your client. Whether you are dealing with a TBI or a complex heart surgery, the audience needs to understand complex medical issues in a simple, visual format so your client gets the maximum compensation they deserve.

Whether your case needs 2D illustrations of a skull fracture, a fully interactive 3D model of a traumatic brain injury, or the many surgeries your client has endured, we will put together a dynamic action plan that will help the jury fully understand the true scope of your client's injuries.


Traumatic Brain Injury

We use the most advanced forensic tools to answer the most important questions regarding your case. Our team works tirelessly to help your forensic team break down the data and reconstruct the incident so you can find the truth.

to see how we create a forensically accurate, admissible visual presentation that makes sure the jury understands the true nature of the TBI and has a clear understanding of what future medical issues are facing your client and their family.


Bodily Injuries

Medical injuries are often challenging to explain to non-medical professionals but it is very important that the jury or mediator understands the full dynamic nature of not only the injury but the medical procedures needed to help your client recover and stay alive.

to see how we use forensically accurate 3D models, often made directly from MRI, CT scans, and X-rays to create a forensically accurate 3D visual presentation of your client’s medical issues.


3D Interactive Presentation

When your case has multiple injuries, surgeries, or other complex issues, it is important that your audience doesn't get lost and confused as a confused jury will not make a decision that is in the best interest of your client.

to see how our 3D interactive visual presentations use the latest in-game engine design to create a 3D interactive presentation that allows your audience to follow complex issues without getting lost so they come to the verdict that is in the best interests of your client.