Laser Based Photogrammetry Allows Us to Take 2D Photographs or Video and Convert Them Into a 3D World.

Do you have photographs or video of an accident scene but no useful measurements? Or do you have a picture of a pothole but do not know how large or deep it is and now the pothole is gone? We can reverse engineer almost any 2D photograph or video and convert it into a forensically accurate 3D model within our software, so now you can revisit the scene and grab any measurement you need. Whether it is the depth of a pothole, length of a skid mark, or the blind spot created by a bush that has been removed we can give you the answers needed to move your case forward.

We can get you the measurements you need even if the object you want measured is gone and only a photograph remains


2D Photograph Analysis

By using Least Square algorithms we can reverse engineer the exact location of the camera that took the photograph, and then build the 3D model from the same exact perspective giving you the ability to revisit the scene and measure anything that you find important. Now you are no longer stuck with viewing the scene just from a 2D perspective but can view the scene in full 3D.


2D Video Analysis

By using the same process that we use for photographs we can track vehicle movement within a video and give you answers that are imperative to the success of your case. For example, we can tell you speed, braking, or distance traveled before stopping of a vehicle that was captured on a camera. Even if the camera that captured the event is moving, we are able to perform advanced photogrammetry analysis and get you the answers you need.


3D Working Model

By making our 3D working models match the photograph or video you are able to revisit the scene and begin to truly understand your case on a level not previously thought possible. Your experts can begin to analyze the data in a format that allows for advanced reconstruction, and then use the 3D model to help the jury understand the facts of the case as well as your experts.