We Do More Than Animate Your Expert's Findings, We Give Them the Tools They Need to Form Their Opinions

Crash Reconstruction Animations are immensely powerful tools to educate the jury on how and why an accident happened, but to get the most out of the science you need to understand all the elements of your case facts.

Why did the accident happen?
Was there gross negligence?
Was the accident unavoidable due to the conditions of the environment?
What actions contributed most to cause the accident to occur?

Our team has over 20 years of experience working with your experts to help them find the truth behind these questions. We make sure that the case facts you are relying on to answer these questions are based upon sound forensic analysis and not conjecture.

Our final process is to make sure that the complex analysis is presented to the audience in a visually dynamic, easy to understand presentation that allows the jury to make a just verdict.

With having a 100% admissibility rate for over 20 years, we know what it takes to meet the highest standards of any courtroom.


Animation isn't the only tool in our shed, the analysis of your Accident Reconstructionist, Biomechanics, or Human Factors expert, but give them the tools they need to analyze the case on a higher level.

We bring a variety of different forensic technology tools to the table to allow your experts to tackle difficult questions that they may not be able to answer on their own. Whether its line of sight analysis or reverse-engineering the speed of a vehicle in a security camera, we elevate the forensic analysis performed by your team of experts.


Creating a dynamic animation has no value if it does not get admitted into trial.

We have maintained a 100% admissibility rate for over 20 years. Maintaining that success rate has given us an understanding of what it takes to ensure our work is forensically accurate.

Using the latest in laser scan technology, we perform site and vehicle inspections. Having formal scientific degrees allows us to help your experts in their analysis process as well as understand their complex analysis on a scientific level, ensuring the final product will meet the high standards of any court.


Our team has created over 2,500 forensic animations giving us a unique perspective on creating dynamic presentations that educate the jury of the forensic facts of the case in a way that allows them to understand complex analysis easily.

Our experience in illustrating the key facts in a case is second to none. Whether it is a nighttime vehicle vs. pedestrian accident, a slip, and fall, or a construction-defect we call tell the story in a manner that is accurate, dynamic, educational, and impactful to the jury so they can make a just verdict.