Go With the Team Who Were the First to Ever Get 3D Laser Scanning Admitted into Trial.

While 3D laser scanning technology has changed over the last 20 years the importance of doing it right has not. Not only have we scanned thousands of different scenes, but with over 20 years of experience we know how to take the data collected in the field and use it to answer questions that are critical to the facts of your case. Whether it is scanning a crushed vehicle to calculate speed at impact or an intersection to reverse engineer the line of sight obstruction, we have the experience and knowledge to extract the most data out of any laser scan project.

We have the most experience in the field of Forensic Laser Scanning and we will use that knowledge to help you succeed


3D Laser Scanning

Whether it is a busy freeway or the epicenter of a forest fire we have the tools and skills to capture the entire scene in extremely accurate 3D. This will allow you and your experts to revisit the scene as many times as they need to without fear of the data changing or getting lost. Give your experts the latest forensic tools so they can do their analysis with the utmost accuracy and discover the truth behind the incident that matters most in your case.


Laser Scan Analysis

Modern scanners can capture 100’s of millions data points, but it has little value if you do not have the background to understand the data that is in front of you. We can use this data to answer important questions about the nature of the scene that cannot be answered unless you have decades of experience reviewing the data. Whether it is reverse engineering the blind spots of a vehicle, or the effects of a dip in the road on a driver’s ability to see oncoming traffic we have the tools and knowledge to answer these and many more important questions so you can create the best forensic case for your client.


Latest Technology

We use some of the most advanced scanning technology on the market and bring the power of these tools to you and your experts so they can make the most informed analysis possible. Our team has access to a wide array of tools, including aerial, fixed wing drones and ground scanners. Whether itis a busy freeway, a long country road, inside a crushed vehicle, or 500 miles from the nearest town we have the tools and knowledge to capture the items most important to you and your case.